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Welcome to the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View, an extraordinary location situated in the captivating allure of the Dumbo neighbourhood of Brooklyn. This renowned vantage point offers breathtaking vistas of the iconic Manhattan Bridge. Here, we present to you a comprehensive guide that encompasses everything you need to know about this remarkable spot.

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View
Dumbo Manhattan Bridge | Photo by Jona Jona

Yearning to uncover the address that hides this photographic gem? Fear not, for within these lines lies the wisdom you seek. Immerse yourself in the knowledge that awaits, and prepare to transcend the boundaries of ordinary perception and have the best Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View.

Whether you are an intrepid traveler, a devoted photography enthusiast, or simply a curious soul drawn to the allure of the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View picture spot, this is your moment. Seize the opportunity to acquire a wealth of knowledge and ensure your visit is nothing short of extraordinary.

If you are seeking valuable information about the esteemed Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View spot, your search ends here. Within the confines of this guide, we will provide you with essential insights on how to visit Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View, along with a plethora of helpful tips and tricks to enhance your experience, including strategies to avoid the bustling crowds.

Whether you desire the precise address of the photo spot, instructions on how to reach it, or any other details about the captivating Manhattan Bridge picture spot, we invite you to delve further and discover all the knowledge you require for a remarkable visit.

1. What is the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View

Welcome to the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View, a captivating destination nestled in the vibrant Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn. This picturesque location has gained immense popularity among visitors, offering awe-inspiring vistas of the iconic Manhattan Bridge. Situated along Washington Street, it boasts one of the finest viewpoints of this architectural marvel that New York City has to offer.

Curious about the origin of the name “Dumbo”? It’s actually an acronym that stands for “Down Under The Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” As you venture into this neighborhood, you’ll be enveloped by its charming atmosphere. Picture-perfect moments await as you stroll along tree-lined cobblestone streets, flanked by red brick buildings. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture mesmerizing photos in this enchanting setting.

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge
Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View | Photo by Hugo Lezama

The allure of the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View goes beyond the majestic bridge itself. As you frame your shots, you’ll be delighted to find the Empire State Building gracefully peering out from beneath the bridge, creating a truly iconic composition.

Prepare to be captivated by this remarkable vista, where the beauty of the Manhattan Bridge harmoniously converges with the surrounding architectural wonders.

2. Historical background Of The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View

Dumbo, short for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass,” is a vibrant neighborhood nestled in the borough of Brooklyn, New York City. It is Situated between the Manhattan Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

The roots of Dumbo trace back to the mid-19th century when the area predominantly served shipping and industrial purposes. In the 1880s, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and storage facilities flourished, with the neighbourhood even hosting Brooklyn’s first steel mill along the East River waterfront.

old brooklyn bridge
Brooklyn Bridge View | Image by Ale Hidalgo from Pixabay

However, as the 20th century unfolded, Dumbo experienced a decline. The slowdown of manufacturing led to the closure of numerous warehouses and factories, leaving the area largely abandoned and neglected by the 1970s.

A turning point for Dumbo arrived in the late 1990s when a group of visionary artists and entrepreneurs recognized the neighbourhood’s architectural potential. Abandoned warehouses underwent a transformation into sought-after loft apartments and creative studio spaces. As the population surged, a vibrant ecosystem of businesses emerged, including cozy coffee shops and captivating art galleries.

The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View epitomizes the allure of this revitalized neighborhood. Since the construction of the Manhattan Bridge commenced in 1901, its Brooklyn side tower has been exquisitely framed by the elegant brick warehouses lining Washington Street. Even before the completion of the bridge’s full span, this enchanting sight captured the imagination of photographers, ensuring its timeless appeal.

Today, the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View continues to draw photographers from around the world, all seeking to capture the essence of this iconic scene. With its visual charm and Instagrammable qualities, it has become widely recognized as one of New York City’s most coveted locations for sharing moments of beauty on social media. Whether you are a local or a tourist, the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart as you witness the harmonious blend of architectural magnificence and artistic inspiration.

3. Where is the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View Photo Spot?

The Dumbo Picture Spot, also known as the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View or the Dumbo Brooklyn photo spot address is located in the Dumbo neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York City. To locate the coveted Dumbo photo spot, simply direct your steps towards Washington Street in the Dumbo neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York City. This stretch of road extends from Prospect Street in the south to Plymouth Street in the north, alongside the waterfront. However, for the quintessential photo experience, most of the iconic pictures are captured between Plymouth Street and York Street.

As you venture beyond York Street and head towards Prospect Street, you may find yourself straying too far from the prime photo-taking areas.A helpful tip to enhance your Dumbo exploration: At the corner of Washington Street and Prospect Street, you’ll find an entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge walk. 

Consider taking a leisurely stroll over the Brooklyn Bridge, allowing for a delightful extension to your Dumbo adventure.

To provide you with a clearer understanding of the location of the manhattan bridge photo spot, we have included a screenshot of the area. It serves as a visual guide, helping you determine your preferred proximity to the photo spot and plan accordingly for your picture-perfect moments. From here you will get the best view of Brooklyn bridge from manhattan

Area Map
Area Map on how to reach Dumbo Manhatttan Bridge

4. How to Get to the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View Picture Location?

When it comes to reaching the Dumbo NYC picture location, New York City offers a plethora of transportation options to suit your convenience. There are three ways in which you can reach the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge view : Subway, Ferry, Citibikes & Walking!

a. Subway

  • York Street – F Train
  • High Street – A and C trains

These subway stations provide easy access to the Dumbo neighborhood and the picturesque Washington Street where the Dumbo picture location is situated.


Additionally, there are three more subway stations in the area that provide convenient access to Dumbo:

  • Clark Street – 2 and 3 trains
  • Court Street – N, R, and W trains
  • Borough Hall – 4 and 5, 2 and 3 trains

b. Ferry

Another enjoyable option is to take the ferry. There are two ferry terminals located at Brooklyn Bridge Park near Dumbo:

  • the Dumbo/Fulton ferry terminal 
  • the pier 6 ferry terminal.

c. Citibikes

For those seeking an active and environmentally friendly transportation option, Citibike is an excellent choice. The Dumbo neighborhood offers several conveniently located Citibike docking stations. Simply rent a bike, pedal your way to the Dumbo picture location, and relish the sights along your journey. A single ride costs around $3.50, while a day pass is available for $15.

d. Walking

Walking is also one of the viable options.

From Nearby Parts of Brooklyn:

If you are already in the vicinity of Dumbo or its neighbouing areas in Brooklyn, walking to Washington Street is a convenient choice. The distance you’ll need to cover will depend on your starting point and your willingness to stroll.

From Manhattan:

If you are coming from Manhattan, you have two picturesque options for a delightful walk to the Dumbo picture spot: crossing the Manhattan Bridge or the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Manhattan Bridge: By traveling to the entrance point at Bowery and Canal Street in Manhattan, you can access the Manhattan Bridge’s pedestrian promenade. From there, take a stroll across the bridge to take in the breathtaking views of the river, the Brooklyn Bridge, and New York City’s famous skyline.
  • Brooklyn Bridge: Begin your iconic walk across the Brooklyn Bridge from the entrance point located on the east side of City Hall Park on Park Row in Manhattan. The pedestrian path is easily recognizable, offering an opportunity to admire the grandeur of one of the world’s most renowned bridges.

Select the bridge that appeals to you the most and indulge in a scenic walk adorned with panoramic views as you make your way towards the Dumbo picture spot.

Walking to the Dumbo picture spot allows you to fully immerse yourself in the surroundings, experience the charm of the bridges, and capture unique moments along the way.


What is the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View Entrance Fees

There is no entrance fee for the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View. It is a freely accessible location that welcomes visitors to enjoy the captivating views of Manhattan.

What is the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View Opening Times

The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge view remains open around the clock ie 24 hours a day, seven days a week

5. What To Expect At The Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View

In the subsequent sections of this guide, we will showcase pictures taken from each of these streets, offering you a visual preview of what to expect.

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge
Dumbo Manhattan Bridge: Photo by Arthur Brognoli
Block 3: Front and York Street

Beyond Front Street, Washington Street starts ascending towards York Street. If you arrive early enough, you’ll encounter fewer cars that might obstruct your view. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the scenery.

Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View Photo Spot Locations

To capture stunning photos on Washington Street, there are three prominent street blocks you should explore. These blocks are situated between the following streets:

  • Plymouth and Water
  • Water and Front
  • Front and York

To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the angles and views, here are some photographs showcasing each block on Washington Street:

Block 1: Plymouth and Water Street

For capturing close-up shots of the bridge, visit Washington Street between Water Street and Plymouth Street. This block offers the closest proximity to the bridge.

Block 2: Water and Front Street

To capture photos with a slightly greater distance from the bridge, head to Washington Street between Water Street and Front Street. This location provides a broader perspective of the charming, building-lined streets.

6. Tips for Visiting Dumbo and Enjoying the View

Best times to visit the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View for optimal lighting and fewer crowds

  • Sunrise: Arriving early in the morning, around sunrise, is ideal for capturing stunning light and avoiding crowds. The soft morning light can create a beautiful atmosphere and provide excellent photo opportunities. Additionally, the early hour tends to be less busy, as most visitors arrive later in the day.
  • Weekday mornings: On weekdays, especially in the morning before noon, you’re likely to encounter fewer crowds. Many people are at work or engaged in other activities during this time, resulting in a more serene experience.
  • Late afternoon/early evening: As the day progresses, the lighting at the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View becomes more dramatic and warm. Arriving in the late afternoon or early evening can offer a magical ambiance, with the setting sun casting long shadows and illuminating the scene. While there may be some visitors, it generally becomes less crowded compared to midday hours.
  • Non-peak seasons: Avoiding peak tourist seasons, such as summer and holidays, can significantly reduce the number of people at the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View. Consider visiting during spring or autumn when the weather is pleasant, and there are typically fewer tourists in the area.
  • Check for local events: Before planning your visit, check for any local events, festivals, or parades that may draw large crowds to the Dumbo area. Avoiding these dates will help you enjoy a quieter experience with fewer people around.
Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View at Evening
Dumbo Manhattan Bridge View at Evening | Photo by Bryant’s Juarez

When visiting the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge view, there are several nearby restaurants and cafes that offer both delectable cuisine and captivating views. Here are a few recommendations:

  • Celestine: Situated right along the Dumbo waterfront, Celestine offers Mediterranean-inspired dishes in a stylish setting. Enjoy your meal while admiring the stunning Manhattan skyline and the bridge.
  • Atrium Dumbo: Located just a short walk away, Atrium Dumbo features a modern American menu and a spacious interior with large windows that provide scenic views of the area.
  • Time Out Market New York: A vibrant food hall located nearby, Time Out Market boasts a wide selection of culinary offerings from various local vendors. Grab a bite to eat and find a spot with a view to savour your meal.
  • Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill: This lively restaurant combines global flavours with a lively atmosphere. Situated in the Empire Stores complex, Sugarcane offers both indoor and outdoor seating options with glimpses of the water and cityscape.
Restaurant of Brooklyn
Restaurant | Image by 3888952 from Pixabay

Remember to check the operating hours and availability of reservations for each establishment before your visit, as they may vary. Enjoy your meal with a delightful view!

How to Avoid the Crowd

Capturing the perfect photo at the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge view can be challenging due to its immense popularity. This iconic location attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors, all vying for the same type of photo. However, based on my experience, there are few effective strategies to evade the crowds – 

  • Visiting at sunrise or shortly thereafter: Arriving early in the morning not only grants you the opportunity to enjoy the view with minimal people around but also allows you to avoid the heavy car traffic in the vicinity. By opting for an early visit, you can bypass both the foot traffic and the congestion caused by vehicles. Additionally, selecting a weekday for your visit instead of the weekend can further help reduce the number of people in the area.
  • Visit during weekdays: Weekends tend to be busier with tourists and locals alike. If possible, plan your visit for a weekday when there is generally less foot traffic.

By employing these tactics, you increase your chances of capturing that picture-perfect moment without the overwhelming presence of crowds.


I hope the information was useful for your trip to the Dumbo Manhattan Bridge viewing area! Please feel free to leave any questions or comments in the space provided below. Explore the various New York itineraries and guides that are offered on the website as well. Have fun and travel safely while you’re there!

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