How to Become a Digital Nomad Accountant (2023) | 11 Efficient steps

How to Become a Digital Nomad Accountant? The ever-changing landscape of the working world is experiencing a momentous transformation, as professionals eagerly adopt innovative methods to blend their careers with an insatiable yearning for travel and exhilaration. Gone are the days when finance and accounting roles were confined to the four walls of a traditional office space. Nowadays, an increasing number of accomplished individuals are actively seeking opportunities to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle while pursuing their passion as accountants.

Digital Nomad Accountant
Digital Nomad Accountant | Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

The exciting news is that this aspiration can be transformed into a tangible reality, provided one is armed with meticulous planning and meticulous preparations. In this blog post, we will explore the captivating realm of digital nomads accountant, where the world of numbers meets a wandering way of life. We shall also delve deep into the essence of this enthralling convergence.

Can you be a Digital Nomad Accountant?

Absolutely! Being a digitally nomad as an accountant is not only possible but also increasingly popular. With the growing trend of remote work and advancements in technology, accountants now have the opportunity to combine their profession with a location-independent lifestyle. This trend has attracted not only digital nomads but also travel enthusiasts and individuals seeking an international lifestyle, creating a diverse range of work options.

The options available to accountants seeking a digital nomad lifestyle are diverse and abundant. From seasonal work in the travel industry to remote accounting positions, the opportunities are vast. Whether you choose to establish your own freelance business or find an employer who supports remote work, the path is within your reach.

Digital nomad accountant
Digital nomad accountant | Photo by Samer Daboul

Embarking on the freelancing path may initially appear daunting, but the digital landscape has made it easier than ever to connect with clients and secure accounting projects. The availability of renowned platforms like Freelancer, Fiverr, UpWork, and Guru makes acquiring clients more accessible than ever. In fact, UpWork boasts an impressive track record of facilitating over 9,000 contracts in finance and accounting within the past year alone.

By leveraging cloud-based accounting software, collaborating through online tools, and ensuring reliable internet connections, accountants can effectively execute their professional responsibilities from anywhere on the globe. These key factors to consider if you want to become a digital nomad accountant are crucial for success in this lifestyle. Offering remote-friendly services, embracing technology-driven solutions, mastering time management techniques, nurturing client relationships, and implementing sound financial planning strategies are all essential components to thrive in this exciting and flexible way of working. With thoughtful consideration and a well-crafted approach to these factors, accountants can savor the freedom and flexibility that the digital nomad lifestyle offers while passionately pursuing their accounting career.

We will delve deeper into the best places to find accountant jobs as a digital nomad later. Whether you choose the independence of self-employment or prefer a remote-friendly employer, we will provide comprehensive insights to guide your journey.

How to become a digital nomad ACCOUNTANT: step by step

Embarking on the digital nomad lifestyle entails a distinctive approach that sets it apart from the conventional path. It requires meticulous planning and consideration of various logistical aspects, such as managing the sale or rental of your home in the US, arranging suitable schooling for your children, and devising strategies to stay connected with loved ones while constantly on the move.

Simultaneously, the question of earning as a digital nomad as an accountant looms large. It is essential to delve into key factors that can facilitate a seamless transition to this nomadic way of life. By keeping the following aspects in mind, you can navigate the digital nomad journey with confidence.

How to become a digital nomad ACCOUNTANT
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
  1. Assess Your Work Arrangement Options: Freelance, Own business, or  Remote contract
    Determining the most suitable work arrangement as a digital nomad accountant is the first step.  While some fortunate individuals may have employers who support remote work from different locations, it’s more common to explore specific remote job opportunities or take on freelance clients, as location flexibility is paramount. Determine whether you want to freelance, start your own accounting business, or seek remote contracts with employers. Consider your preferences, skills, and the level of flexibility you desire in your work.
  2. Acquire the Necessary Skills and Qualifications
    Ensure that you have the required accounting skills and qualifications to work as a digital nomad. Stay updated with the latest industry trends and advancements in accounting technology. 
  3. Evaluate Your Financial Situation
    Beyond the practicalities of remote work, it’s crucial to consider the support and resources necessary to navigate daily life as a digital nomad accountant. Assess your financial stability and create a budget for your digital nomad lifestyle. Consider the costs of travel, accommodation, healthcare, and other living expenses. Build an emergency fund to provide financial security.
  4. Choose Your Destination(s): Narrow down places to live and look at visas and costs
    Early in your planning process, contemplate potential destinations that align with your preferences and offer a digital nomad-friendly environment. Consider factors such as cost of living, visa requirements, quality of life, and infrastructure for remote work. Explore countries that offer digital nomad visas, granting you the ability to legally work while residing there.
  5. Plan Your Transition
    Develop a comprehensive plan for transitioning to the digital nomad lifestyle. This includes logistics such as selling or renting your current home, arranging travel arrangements, and organising necessary documents (passports, visas, insurance, etc.).
  6. Establish a Remote Work Setup:Get all the tools you need to work remotely with clients
    Transitioning to a fully remote work schedule requires careful consideration of the tools and technologies you’ll need. Ensure your digital nomad journey is supported by a functional and efficient remote work environment. Invest in a reliable laptop, secure internet connection, accounting software, and collaboration tools. Utilise video calling platforms, efficient document storage and sharing solutions, and cloud-based accounting software. Prepare remote access tools for seamless collaboration with clients.
  7. Network and Build Professional Connections
    Leverage online platforms, professional networks, and social media to connect with other digital nomad accountants, potential clients, and industry experts. Attend conferences, webinars, and workshops to expand your network.
  8. Market Your Services
    Create a compelling online presence through a professional website or portfolio. Showcase your accounting expertise, previous work experience, and client testimonials. Develop a marketing strategy to attract potential clients.
  9. Maintain Professionalism and Communication
    Establish effective communication channels with clients, colleagues, and stakeholders. Be responsive, reliable, and maintain a high level of professionalism in your interactions. Use video conferencing tools for virtual meetings.
  10. Continuously Upgrade Your Skills
    Stay updated with the latest accounting practices, regulations, and technologies. Engage in professional development activities such as attending webinars, completing online courses, or obtaining relevant certifications.
  11. Balance Work and Lifestyle
    Maintain a healthy work-life balance while enjoying the benefits of being a digital nomad. Establish routines, manage your time effectively, and prioritise self-care. Explore and immerse yourself in the local culture and experiences of your chosen destinations.
  12. Ready, Set, Go!
    The specific steps to become a digital nomad accountant depend on your experience, preferred types of work, ideal location, and other specifics. It’s time to make the jump once the foundation has been established. Make travel plans, make sure you have all the necessary visas for your trip, and be ready for a fascinating new chapter in your life


Can an accountant be a digital nomad?

Definitely. You can be one. We have already discussed this in the above post.

Can I work remotely as an accountant?

Most of accounting work are done in the laptop using different software. Thus you can work remotely as an accountant.

What accounting software do digital nomads use?

There are different accounting softwares available from which one can use it. To name one is QuickBook which cloud accounting software,

Do digital nomads pay tax UK?

You must pay the British government the required taxes if you work for a UK-based business. You and your employer may be affected by specific legal and tax consequences in such circumstances.


You can embrace the digital nomad lifestyle as an accountant by doing the things listed above. On this remarkable trip, embrace the unknowable, seize possibilities, and savour the freedom and adaptability that are waiting for you.

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