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What makes Club 33 so enticing is its exclusivity, which is evident in its exorbitant cost. Getting a Club 33 membership cost involves more than just having the money to do so. With a cap of 500 members at any given moment, Club 33 preserves its exclusivity. Invitations to join are only provided upon invitation. Even if one has the money, getting into Club 33 takes time because there is a waitlist that might take up to 15 years to get off. It’s clear that the club is exclusive.

Club 33 Disney World Stairway
Club 33 | Picture Courtesy: Flickr

Club 33 Membership

Getting a Club 33 membership cost involves more than just having the money to do so. With a cap of 500 members at any given moment, Club 33 preserves its exclusivity. According to a 2013 article, the annual Club 33 membership fee is around $10,000 and $25,000. According to USA Today, the annual Club 33 membership might vary from $12,000 to $25,000 and the underlying enrolment fee could be between $25,000 and $50,000.

Club 33 Membership Cost

While Club 33 may serve affluent patrons like celebrities with ties to Disney, common guests of Disneyland have worked hard to become members. It frequently revolves around networking and building connections. You may have seen Disney influencers posting about their Club 33 adventures on Instagram. However, not every person who posts about visiting Club 33 is a member. A club member who can invite you is someone you should get to know. However, it’s crucial to remember that even with an invitation, visitors must still pay for the five-course supper because the special Disney magic has a cost.

In contrast to secret societies, Club 33 is not cloaked in secrecy. Instead, it provides a hideaway for wealthy Disney fans, business leaders, and celebrities looking for a break from the hectic theme park crowds—as long as they’re prepared to pay the hefty price.

how to get into club 33

It goes without saying that everybody who visits Disney World would want to join Club 33 and get the exclusive club 33 membership. Unquestionably alluring are the unique advantages and amazing experiences it provides. While acquiring a ticket to the Disney parks is a relatively simple process, entering Club 33 is not.

Club 33 membership involves an enormous commitment of time and effort.  There are only a certain number of memberships available each year and sometimes there may be none at all in other years.

Interested individuals who wants a club 33 membership or a club 33 corporate membership should contact Club 33 Member Services at 1600 S. Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92802 for Walt Disney World or for Disneyland with questions about membership.  As memberships become available, the management team will get in touch with you.

Club 33 maintains an extremely exclusive status, accepting only a select few hundred members at each location. Furthermore, membership at one Club 33 destination does not automatically grant access to other Club 33 locations. With such limited spots available, membership is not open to just anyone.

The high cost of Club 33 membership acts as a barrier for the majority of people. Members of the original Club 33 in Anaheim must deposit $60,000 for an initial invitation and pay $25,000 a year in dues. Though it’s rumoured that membership fees may vary by region, there’s no denying that paying to join Club 33 is expensive.

The exclusivity of Club 33 extends to its invitation-only policy, so even if you have the means to enter, entry is not assured. Also the exclusive Club 33 members list has been revealed! Know more about the exclusive list of Club 33 members here!


Club 33 membership gives you access to a number of special benefits and privileges. Among other benefits, customers who sign up for this Disney Club will get the following:

  • An annual pass that gives you access to the Disney parks all year long for each year of your membership.
  • 50 one-day guest passes to the parks are included, enabling you to enjoy a day of fantasy with friends or family.
  • Annually, private VIP excursions are provided, offering individualised guided experiences and insider knowledge of the parks.
  • Access to Club 33 products, which are only sold to members. As a result, you can possess one-of-a-kind, limited-edition goods that proudly display your Club 33 membership.
  • Various VIP services that make sure you get first-rate care and assistance when visiting the parks.
  • Sneak Peaks on Park news will keep you up to date on forthcoming events, activities, and innovations before they are made public.
  • Upgrades to the resort hotels are provided free of charge, making your stay more comfortable and full of extra facilities.
  • Valet parking ensures a hassle-free arrival and departure experience while providing easy access to the parks.
  • Access to the exclusive lounge 1901, which is housed in the Carthay Circle Theatre. You can unwind, mingle, and partake in refreshments in this sophisticated and quiet location.

Club 33 lounges used to be the only locations at Disney where visitors may consume alcoholic beverages, albeit this is no longer the case. Although it is now more typical for visitors to buy alcohol in the parks, Club 33 members used to greatly benefit from this.

Hence, These perks and advantages are intended to complement your Club 33 membership and give you unparalleled experiences and exclusivity inside the Disney parks.

How do you get into Club 33 if you’re not a member?

It is true that going to Club 33 might cost a fortune. Alternatives do exist, though, to enjoy the club without shelling out a small fortune. One strategy is to network and ask relatives and close acquaintances if they know someone who can make lunch or dinner reservations for you. This makes the club’s offers more accessible to individuals who are not among the privileged few and gives non-members access to the club’s resources.

Finding someone who will extend such an invitation, though, is a struggle. It can be very difficult to get in if you don’t have any links to Club 33 members, as McPeek pointed out. Some people have turned to look through websites like Craigslist, where a small number of Club 33 reservations might be for sale. You can also encounter frantic pleas from local non-members who want entry to the elite club.

Without having a direct membership, these alternate options might allow you to visit Club 33, but you should still proceed with caution and be aware of any potential dangers or swindles while making reservations through unreliable channels.


The Club 33 menu is subject to seasonal modifications to provide a unique and interesting dining experience. Past notable highlights have included dishes with kingfish, pheasant, veal, and seasonal soups, as well as exquisite mushroom croquettes. Even a $75 hamburger has reportedly been served, demonstrating the famed restaurant’s gastronomic extravagance. Along with the lattes sporting the recognisable “33” emblem, the desserts are renowned for being aesthetically attractive and Instagram-worthy. Additionally, one can enjoy a cup of Club 33 coffee after a delicious meal, which has its own allure.

Club 33 membership
Club 33 Dining Hall | Pic Courtesy : Flikr

Club 33 had held the distinction of being the only place to serve alcohol inside the Disneyland theme park. This has altered recently with the addition of Oga’s Cantina at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, where alcoholic cocktails and other drinks are offered. Additionally, beer and wine are available in the Blue Bayou eatery, which is close to the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction.

For those who haven’t gotten a chance to see Club 33, the unofficial fan site for the location at Disneyland provides a pictorial tour so you can see the inside. It’s crucial to remember that most visitors to the lounge are not allowed to take pictures outside of the Court of Angels, which is where the club’s recognisable stairway is.

Disney Club 33 Waiting List

There is a roughly 14-year waiting list for the Walt Disney world club 33 membership, and admittance is not guaranteed. Having links to family or parks may improve your prospects. There is a large financial commitment involved in membership.

Club 33 Waiting List
Club 33 Waiting List

The Current Club 33

Even though Club 33’s original architecture was stunning, it had a massive renovation in 2014 that dramatically changed the inside and outside. Unfortunately, in order to maintain Club 33’s unique atmosphere, Disney does not currently publish official pictures or information about it. But clever admirers have uploaded in-depth videos, critiques, and secret images on websites like YouTube and Instagram, giving glimpses into this exclusive paradise.

It is crucial to be aware that taking pictures within Club 33 might be dangerous because anyone detected releasing information may have their membership terminated. Few people are ready to take such risks because joining is a difficult process.

I suggest watching a specific video that gives a thorough overview of Club 33’s layout and gives viewers a good idea of what to anticipate inside if they want an in-depth tour.

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