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Club 33 Disney World is nestled within the whimsical walls of Disneyland. This enigmatic enclave, despite the fact that it’s one of the best-kept secrets of Disney World has piqued the fascination among the denizens of Disney World. 

Club 33, a name that implies grandeur and privilege, sits as a beacon of exclusivity within the magical environment of Disneyland. Behind its clandestine doors lies a realm that remains tantalisingly elusive to the masses.

Perhaps your inquisitive mind yearns to know what Club 33 is exactly? How to get to Disney’s Club 33 with or without a membership? What makes Club 33 special?

Prepare to traverse the labyrinthine corridors of secrecy as we peel back the curtain and expose the hidden secrets of Club 33.

club 33 disney world
Club 33 Entrance at Disneyland in New Orleans Square – Image Credit: Flickr HarshLight

What is Club 33?

Club 33, is an emblem of privilege and exclusivity, beckoning its esteemed members to partake in the enchantment of private dining and lounge areas scattered across Disney parks worldwide.  A fascinating tidbit from Disney reveals that the club draws its name from the address of its first location at Disneyland—33 Royal Street, nestled within the enchanting neighbourhood of New Orleans Square.

Yet hold on, my reader! Be prepared to be surprised because this premium VIP lounge exists in plain sight within the Disney parks’ structure, just where visitors wouldn’t expect it to be. Oh, you haven’t seen the outside of these holy grounds during your past trips to Disney World, have you? If you think back, it’s possible that you passed by Club 33’s mysterious façade without realising its hidden gems.

Club 33 Doorway

Entrance, be fascinated by the ornate number 33 adorning the door, a symbol of admittance into a realm where elegance and mystery intertwine. Behind this entranceway is a world where pop stars, celebrities, famous people, businessmen and women, and leaders meet in private settings to strategize about their business endeavours. Although it is the only location in the park where alcoholic beverages are served, it is not open to the public.

History of Club 33

Club 33, birthed from the visionary mind of Walt Disney, draws inspiration from the VIP lounges that grabbed his imagination during the early 1960s World Fair. Walt embarked on a mission to realise his extravagant goal of creating an opulent refuge within Disneyland where he could entertain guests and engage lucrative business endeavours.  As a result, Club 33 was established in 1967, a year after Walt’s passing, permanently preserving his inspirational legacy.

Within the hallowed boundaries of Club 33, exclusivity reigns supreme, providing admission only to members and their distinguished visitors. But getting access to this secluded sanctuary requires a long journey. Prospective visitors must navigate a challenging queue that spans several years in addition to the weight of hefty fees and yearly dues that come with membership.

Club 33 History
Club 33 History

Remarkably, the appeal of Club 33 extends beyond the confines of a single park. Club 33 is available at Disneyland, all four Disney World Parks, plus the two parks tucked away in the enchanted land of China. One must obtain a membership that is specifically customised to that location in order to participate in the services offered by a certain club, ensuring a totally immersive experience within the wonderful realms of Disney.

As whispers of curiosity circulate, a tapestry of rumours weaves itself into the fabric of Club 33’s origin. According to Mickey Visit’s stories, there are a number of theories about the club’s name. One claims that it is a tribute to the 33 initial investors who believed in Disneyland’s enchantment. Another claim is that after Walt’s unexpected death, 33 votes were cast in favour of continuing the club’s construction. In addition, 33 lessees controlled Disneyland while the club was just getting started. And if one were to rotate the number 33, an odd resemblance to “mm” would appear, evoking none other than Mickey Mouse’s well-known face.

Club 33 is evidence of Walt Disney’s enduring legacy, his unwavering vision coming to life in a private haven where elegance and enchantment meet.

Origin of the name Club 33

Ah, the name Club 33’s enigmatic past is cloaked in conflicting stories, each spinning a spellbinding tale.

Let’s start with the first narrative, which is generally regarded as the official version delivered by park owners and managers. This explanation suggests that Club 33 gets its name from the address it proudly claims to be located at—33 Royal Street. The significance of the club’s number name is cemented by this unbreakable thread of reality that connects it to its specific location.

Hold on to your seat as the second hypothesis detours from the well-trodden path. This is a different story, one that turns the web of intrigue completely around.

The Number 33 of Club 33 at Disney World
The Number 33 of Club 33 at Disney World

The second theory on the origin of the name Club 33 Disney moves into an unfamiliar area and deviates from the official accounts’ well-worn course. This version invites us to explore undiscovered spheres of possibilities, like a cheeky sprite dancing on the edge of our minds.

Tales tell of clandestine references and hidden meanings, creating a tapestry where the number 33 assumes new significance and defies the limitations of address-based explanations.

There are many secrets in the world of Club 33, and the name’s genesis is only one more that needs to be solved. You have a choice as to whether you want to accept the story as it is recorded in official reports or venture into the world of speculation, where the pull of hidden meanings tempts you. Regardless of the path you choose, Club 33’s mysterious allure never fails to draw you in. Its name is inextricably linked to the mystery that it holds.

Where is Club 33 Located in Disneyland?

The address of Club 33 Disney World has not hidden away in a nook; instead, its doors are prominently displayed across the major parks. I suppose so. For the doors you may come across that appear to lead to Club 33 are only deceptive façade designed to trick the uninitiated. Club 33 Disney World Locations will be discussed in the later post!

Here are some details about the specific areas in each park:

  • Magic Kingdom: Adventureland – Name: Captain’s Quarters. It is intended to boost the Captain’s Quarters, strategically situated to the left of Cinderella’s Castle. 
  • Epcot: American Adventure Pavilion – Name: Constellation Club. As you meander through the World Showcase, keep an eye out for this establishment nestled near the heart of the centre of the World Showcase.
  • Hollywood Studios: Perched above the esteemed Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant lies the Spotlight Lounge. 
  • Animal Kingdom: Journey towards Africa, and there you shall find Harambe House. Observe the intricate doors, adorned with the Swahili inscription “thelathini na tatu,” translating to “33” in this enchanting language.

Each Disney World Club 33 location boasts a unique interior design that has been painstakingly chosen to fit the surrounding theme. Get lost in a tapestry of fascinating settings, each with its own intrigue and charm.

Club 33 Dining Room
Club 33 Dining Room

Club 33 around the world

Here are the details if you wish to visit Club 33 Disney World in different countries across the world.

  • Club 33 Disneyland: The original Club 33 is located at 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square in California. This was Club 33’s original and most famous location.
  • Club 33 Tokyo Disneyland: This Club 33, which opened after its counterpart in California, is situated on Centre Street in the World Bazaar at Tokyo Disneyland. It features a spectacular private balcony with views of Cinderella Castle and the surrounding park and was built with a turn-of-the-century aesthetic in mind.
  • Club 33 Shanghai: This Club 33 opened its doors in 2016. It is located on Mickey Avenue at Shanghai Disneyland. It draws inspiration from Fantasia and 19th-century designs. You can find hidden Mickeys and intriguing symbols all around the place, and the interior is decorated with lovely furniture.

Each Club 33 location has its own distinctive charm and ambience, offering guests who are fortunate enough to get admission to a distinctive experience.


In conclusion, Club 33 Disney World is an exclusive and prestigious establishment that offers a unique and luxurious experience for its members. The article highlights the history, features, and benefits of being a part of Club 33, showcasing the appeal it holds for Disney enthusiasts and affluent individuals alike.

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How Can I Get A Reservation At Club 33 Disney World?

You could try to make friends with a member who can book a reservation for you at Club 33. Otherwise, the only way to get a reservation at Club 33 would be by adding your name to the long wait list of people who want to join and get a Club 33 Membership.

What Do I Wear To Club 33?

Club 33 has a smart-casual dress code, yet members frequently wear more relaxed apparel when eating lunch. Although employees might not strictly enforce dress codes, it is still a good idea to verify your attire before going. Business casual is the preferred attire, with collared button-down shirts and slacks for men and skirts or trousers and a blouse for women. In general, jeans without tears are fine, while flip flops are not. When visiting Club 33, it’s not uncommon to see visitors who are dressed more formally.

Can I Take Pictures In Club 33?

While photography is permitted at Club 33, there are some restrictions. In the restaurant and in the restrooms, visitors are not allowed to snap pictures of other patrons. Additionally, taking any videos while there is expressly forbidden by the club. In order to preserve the club’s secrecy and exclusivity, it’s crucial that you abide by these rules and regulations.

What Is The Food Like At Club 33?

At club 33 a four courses on the fixed-price menu are offered. To ensure that there is always something new on the menu, they swap out individual products and continuously rotate them. This is high-end cuisine. Everyone here absolutely loved the food!

Can You Shop In Club 33?

Absolutely! You can shop in Club 33 Disney World. Exclusive merchandise are sold by Club 33 and are only accessible there. Varsity t-shirts, polos, coats, Mickey ears, purses, jewellery, Christmas ornament, golf balls, and other varying products are among the selection.

How much is Club 33 Membership at Disney World?

The Club 33 membership fee is $10,000, and the membership fee is roughly $25,000. According to USA Today, the annual membership might vary from $12,000 to $25,000 and the underlying enrollment fee could be between $25,000 and $50,000.

How can you get into Club 33 at Disney World?

To become a Club 33 Member, you will have to get a Club 33 Membership.

How many Club 33 members are there at Disney World?

Officially, there isn’t a complete list of Club 33 members, but the full details of the Club 33 Member explained here.

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